VZW Vlaams Centrum voor Agro- en Visserijmarketing
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Educational and promotional campaign for hardfruit (apples and pears) in India.

In 2013 VLAM, with cofinancing by the European Union, launched the promotional campaign ‘Taste of Europe’. This campaign is targeted on improving the image of vegetables and fruit from the EU as fresh, high quality products, with an increase of export of fresh vegetables and fruit to third countries as goal. Now, a new EU-program was approved for hardfruit (apples and pears) in India.
This market introduction-program consists of a limited B2B-aspect with among other things fair participation, events and related activities. The emphasis of this program lies at the consumer targeted actions, namely tastings at the point of sale. For these tastings, a local coordinator is mandatory.
The used concept ‘Premium Quality – Perfect taste’, with the tag ‘From the heart of Europe’ should be tailored to the relevant markets and products.
In all communication, the European corporate identity ‘Enjoy, it’s from Europe’, will be mentioned. Besides this mention, the Belgian origin may be equally mentioned.

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79340000 - Advertising and marketing services
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Services - Service category No 13
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VZW Vlaams Centrum voor Agro- en Visserijmarketing
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Ellipsgebouw - Koning Albert II-laan 35 bus 50, 1030 Brussel, BE
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Kempinck Frederik Marc

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Serviceplan Belgium
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