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Framework agreement for the further establishment of EventFlanders and a Flemish large-scale events policy

This public contract concerns consultancy services with regard to the further establishment of EventFlanders and a Flemish large-scale events policy.
EventFlanders is a unit within VISITFLANDERS which aims to attract and develop large-scale events to and in Flanders, with the final objective being to see a significant upsurge in major events in Flanders.
In the first year following the kick-off of EventFlanders, the organisation embarked on the development of a methodology. Criteria for potential major events were established and job descriptions were drafted (cf. appendix 2 of the tender specifications). After an initial screening of this type of event, a shortlist was drafted.
The envisioned consultancy services will consist of various phases, which will guide the coordinator, Ms. Greet Gosseye, in among other:
- further structuring the processes of EventFlanders;
- continuing compilation of a large-scale events calendar
- fine-tuning the methodology employed for the assessment of potential events (in terms of international potential and financial feasibility), international bidding on events;
- the support granted to large-scale events (financial and otherwise); and
- in developing an evaluation and monitoring tool for events.
The consultancy services will map stakeholder management in order to promote the positive development of EventFlanders and provide advice on external communications.
The assignment is described in greater detail in Part 4 ‘Technical requirements’ of the tender specifications.

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79400000 - Business and management consultancy and related services
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Toerisme Vlaanderen
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Article 4.3.3. of the English version of the tender specifications had to be modified. The word 'preferably' had to be added. The modified tender specifications are uploaded (see document 'TVL-2017-1286-BDE Tender specifications (version 2)').