Contract notice – utilities

Procurement of ITSM/Enterprise service management software and related services

The supply, implementation and support of service management software for the centralised set-up of a monitoring system able to monitor and follow up all major ICT procedures (ITSM) and other corporate processes (enterprise service management - ESM). The provision of related services, help desk support and corrective and adaptive maintenance.

Publication date
03-10-2016 at 10:00
Business sector (CPV)
48000000 - Software package and information systems
Region codes (NUTS)
BE10 - Région de Bruxelles-Capitale / Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest
Contract type

Contracting authority

Official name
Postal address
centre monnaie, 1000 Bruxelles, BE
Contact point(s)
de Wispelaere Bruno Albert

Conditions for participation

Personal situation of economic operators, including requirements relating to enrolment on professional or trade registers

The companies that file their application to take part in the contract tender process must provide the following information in their application:
- Company name
- Address of the registered office
- Company VAT number
- Details of the person responsible for negotiating this contract and able to answer any questions, plus the details of this person’s alternate (last name, first name, job title, phone, mobile, email)
If more than one company files an application to take part as a combination without legal personality, all participants shall be jointly and severally liable and they must designate the participant that will represent the combination with regard to the awarding authority.
Please provide us with the information needed to judge whether the demands below have been met.
Exclusion criteria:
Throughout the duration of the procedure, bpost may exclude a candidate or tenderer that fulfils one of the exclusion criteria stated in Article 66 §1 and §2, 1°-7° of the Royal Decree of 16 July 2012 on the placement of government contracts in special sectors.
With this in mind, the candidates are asked to enclose the following proof with their application:
- a document issued by a legal or administrative body showing that the candidate (i) is not in a state of bankruptcy, liquidation, suspension of activities, legal restructuring or other similar situation following a similar procedure provided for by the national legislation or regulations and (ii) has not reported this bankruptcy, for which no liquidation procedure or legal restructuring has been brought before the courts or that is not the subject of a similar procedure consisting in other national regulations (Article 66 §2, 1° and 2° of the aforementioned Royal Decree).
- an extract from the candidate’s criminal record showing that the candidate has not been found against in a judgement with force of final decision in relation to the following crimes (Article 66 §1 and §2, 3° of the aforementioned Royal Decree)
• Participation in a criminal organisation (Article 324bis of the Criminal Code)
• Bribery (as referred to in Articles 246 and 250 of the Criminal Code)
• Fraud (as referred to in Article 1 of the agreement on protecting the financial interests of the Community, approved by the law of 17 February 2002).
• Money laundering (as referred to in Article 5 of the Law of 11 January 1993 to prevent the use of the financial system to launder money and fund terrorism)
• An offence affecting its professional integrity;
- A certificate issued by the National Social Security Office with regard to the penultimate calendar quarter before the final date on which the applications to take part may be received, showing that it has fulfilled the social security contribution payment requirements. The candidate that employs staff that are nationals of another Member State of the European Union and not subject to Belgian social security legislation must submit a certificate issued by the relevant authority in the country in question (Article 66, §2, 5° and 67 of the aforementioned Royal Decree).
- A certificate issued by the relevant authority in the country in question, showing that it has fulfilled its obligations to pay its taxes in accordance with Belgian legislation or legislation of the country in which it is registered. For the Belgian candidates this is a recent certificate issued by the Federal Public Service Finance, showing that the candidate is in compliance with respect to payment of its direct and indirect taxes. (Article 66 §2, 6° and 68 of the aforementioned Royal Decree).
- A declaration on honour that in the practice of its profession it has never committed a serious error AND has not made any false declarations when providing information, demandable pursuant to Chapter 5 of the Royal Decree of 16 July 2012 titled “Selection of the candidates and the tenderers – Right of access and qualitative selection". (Articles 66 §2.4° and 66 §2.7° of the aforementioned Royal Decree). Please use the declaration on honour appended to this announcement.
For foreign companies that apply to participate, these are equivalent certificates issued by the relevant authorities in accordance with the legal stipulations of the country in which the company is registered.
The candidates are asked to carefully read the conditions in Articles 66 §3 up to and including 68 of the Royal Decree of 16 July 2012 on the proofs to ensure this proof fulfils the conditions of these stipulations.
If the request to participate is filed by a combination without legal personality, it must be proven in the same way (based on the aforementioned proofs) for each member of the combination that it does not fulfil any of the exclusion criteria.
If a candidate uses the resources of another entity in accordance with Article 72 of the Royal Decree of 16 July 2012 to ensure it has the economic, financial, technical and/or professional resources needed to meet the selection criteria, it must be proven in the same way (based on the aforementioned proofs) that this other entity does not fulfil any of the exclusion criteria.

Economic and financial ability

Required information and formalities: The candidate is requested to supply the following information for the last 3 years:
- the total turnover
- the turnover relating to this kind of assignment
- the solvency: kindly supply the following two ratios:
1.equity capital / total capital flow / loan capital
- the profitability : kindly supply the following two ratios profit / total turnover profit / equity capital (Return On Equity)
The economic and financial strength of the candidate is demonstrated by means of a sworn declaration of the candidate.
The candidate is at liberty to deliver a recent financial report from a reputable international financial organization (eg Graydon, Dun & Bradstreet) to substantiate these figures.
The average annual turnover for the requested supplies and services, calculated over the past three years, must be higher than €3,000,000.

Technical capacity

Information and formalities to check whether the
requirements have been met:
1) References
The candidate must show that it has provided similar services within the last three years.
The candidate must show that each of these references is relevant to this contract. Specifically, the references must show its experience in bringing projects similar to this contract to a successful conclusion.
The candidate shall provide at least three European, preferably Belgian, project references relating to the implementation of the ITSM/ESM software and related services together with a written declaration by an authorised person at the customer confirming that the supplies and services were delivered by the candidate supplier to the customer’s satisfaction and accepted.
The candidate must provide the list of the three primary ITSM/ESM-related supplies/services delivered in Belgium over the past three years, stating:
o The amount; (-approximate-)
o The date on which the services were delivered;
o The ITSM/ESM modules to which the services/supplies apply;
o The details of the contact person at the customer;
Any reference for which the aforementioned details are not provided or are incomplete will not be taken into consideration.
The same goes for any reference that does not meet the aforementioned requirements.
bpost also reserves the right not to take a reference into consideration if the addressee provides bpost with an unfavourable written declaration or the reference is not a true reflection of the actual situation.
If the candidate does not gain at least 50% of the points available for the assessment of the references it will be excluded.
2) Information security and protection of privacy.
The candidate must show that it has the ISO 27001 certificate for the SaaS services offered.
The candidate must show that the services will be provided in accordance with the recent European Union GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulation. (This means that bpost is unable to accept offshore services)
3) Available capacity and infrastructure
The candidate must provide a description of the technical infrastructure it uses to offer the SaaS or cloud services (DC locations, capacity, network).
The candidate must also provide a clear description of the measures it takes and the possibilities it offers to be able to guarantee the performance of the contract, including major incident handling and disaster recovery procedures.
The candidate must also state the most important service levels that it guarantees as standard for its SaaS and its other services.
The candidate gives bpost the right to visit or have an audit conducted on the technical infrastructure when filing its application.
With regard to staff capacity, the candidate must provide a declaration on honour of the average annual number of technicians who have been employed over the past three years by the tenderer for support and maintenance tasks in Belgium, who have a very good command of English and a good comprehension of at least one of the national languages. bpost has the right to request the CVs of these technicians by way of verification.
If the supplier wishes to use subcontractors it must state the details requested in this announcement for each subcontractor as well as describing the history of the working relationship between the tenderer and the subcontractor.
4) Functional and non-functional requirements
Appendix 2 must be filled out without further changes to confirm the functional and non-functional requirements the software must meet.
The functional and non-functional requirements are stated in English, bearing in mind the technical character of the question. The candidate may provide the description for each functional component of the available solution in English, Dutch or French.
The candidate must state for each functional requirement whether:
• It is a standard part of the software offered (“out of the box”)
• It can be easily configured by bpost (“self configure”)
• It can be configured or developed by a specialist/consultant (“customisation by specialist”)
• It is not available (“not available”)
Do not add any links, screenshots or other objects to Appendix 2. The candidate may refer to an appendix to be provided by it for additional information. bpost is free to decide whether it gives any consideration to the content of these appendices.
If the candidate states that a function is “out of the box” or “self configurable” and this proves not to be the case during implementation, the costs of implementing this function will be payable by the selected supplier.
If the function is not available and cannot be made available, the penalties - which are to be set in the specifications - will determine the financial implication for the selected supplier.
The candidate will be excluded if the candidate cannot at least show that it functionally supports all ITIL v3 processes with the software solution presented.
5) Selection criteria weighting:
The candidates will be selected on the basis of the following weighting factors:
70% for the functional and non-functional criteria
20% for the references, including:
15% for the qualitative description of the supplies and services
5% for the customer’s declaration of satisfaction.
10% for the available capacity and infrastructure
Under this negotiation procedure with announcement, bpost will select at least three and no more than five candidates.
Only the selected candidates will receive the specifications and an invitation to submit an offer.

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