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Supply and installation of a Mid Runway Energy Absorber (MREA) system on the main runway of Air base Jean Offenberg in FLORENNES (firm phase) and Air base Major General Aviator Du Monceau De Bergendal in KLEINE-BROGEL (conditional phase)

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MRMP-I/A Direction Générale Material Resources - Division Marchés Publics - Section Infrastructure - Sous-section Acquisition | 1140 Evere, BE | Ministère ou toute autre autorité nationale ou fédérale, y compris leurs subdivisions régionales ou locales | Défense
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45235200 - Travaux de construction de pistes d'envol et d'atterrissage
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Supply and installation of a Mid Runway Energy Absorber (MREA) system on the main runway of the Jean Offenberg Air Base (2W Tac) in FLORENNES as a firm phase and of the General Major Aviator Du Monceau De Bergendal Air Base (10W Tac ) in KLEINE-BROGEL as a conditional phase. The conditional phase is to be lifted according to the budgets available and the schedule of works already planned at Kleine-Brogel (Budget planned in 2022 - execution of works in 2023). The expected contract duration is 48 months from the notification of the contract.
This market is a turnkey contract. The contractor is responsible for the study, the supply of all materials and systems (including spare parts), the installation of civil engineering and special technical works, the complete monitoring of the site and the acceptance of the whole (included the necessary tests and certifications).
Also included in the contract is the training of maintenance staff of the military air bases and preventive and corrective maintenance in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the total duration of the warranty period (= 24 months from full provisional acceptance of the system).
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